Meet Emma
I love colour and gemstones so I decided to re-ignite my passion for abstract art and combine ideas and mediums to create unique creations.
Using artist resin, I experimented with inks, acrylics and powders to create each unique piece. I also incorporate crystals and semi precious stones into my art to resemble slices of rocks and geodes. This gives the art a 3D effect and provides extra colour and depth as the light refracts and bounces off the piece creating a center piece and talking point. This has combined my passion for art and gemstones all together in one creative outlet.
Every single piece of art is unique and can never be re-created, this provides a fascinating journey as I can never quite dictate how the picture will evolve.
I have expanded my creations to include Trinket / Jewellery boxes with a bespoke art design on the lid incorporating crystals and semi-precious stones. I also create decorative orgonite pyramids which enclose crystals said to transform negative energy into positive energy.
I also use Plexiglass (perspex made from sheet resin) in the creation of my work called "Web" as an alternative medium to resin. These create a spiders web of colour on a clear base allowing your wall decor to show through providing a unique feature.These are very different to traditional art although clients have referenced a slight influence from Jackson Pollack.
As with all my art, creations can be designed to compliment any colour scheme / theme or requirements.
If you see something you like but it has already been sold, please contact me as I am happy to create a similar piece for you, it will never be exactly the same but it will be similar in colour and design.