Art for Living!

My art is quite different from traditional creation methods and is very contemporary and abstract, as a result I have received a great deal of interest, selling pieces to art lovers in the UK and internationally. A beautiful piece of art can bring endless hours of viewing pleasure to its owner, particularly with the knowledge that it’s the only one of its kind and can never be exactly replicated.  

Commissioned art work enables clients to advise on the size, style and colour required to suit their interior design and space. The maximum size I can create due to studio space is 2 meters x 1 meter, or if a circular piece a 1 meter diameter, but of course a triptych using these sizes could create a huge feature if required.
My style of art also looks quite at home in corporate offices, hotels and holistic centres providing a unique attraction.
I am always keen to consider new applications for my art and will work collaboratively with a client to realise their vision.