Geodes in Art form

I have always been fascinated with precious and semi precious stones and the huge variety of crystals that you can see around the world. This was the start of an inspiration, creating pieces of art that encompass crystals as well as the resin.

In this example of artwork I have created there are clear crystals, quartz crystals as well a milky opals in the centre. Combined with resin and artist inks and mediums the whole effect comes alive in good light.


Geodes are effectively rocks with a hole in the center, normally formed in volcanic rock that contained air bubbles and the empty cavity is filled over the years with crystals spreading towards the center of the cavity. The crystals are formed through temperature changes and as any liquid cools or evaporates, crystals begin to grow.

I decide to create art that represented either a slice of rock or a Geode, incorporating many beautiful crystals within the piece. Producing an organic, one of a kind, 3D piece of contemporary art that, on a large scale, can be be more affordable than a  slice of a real Geode and a lot lighter, to enable it to hang on the wall.

Due to the array of colours in crystals and semi precious stones these pieces can be created to suit many different colour schemes. The crystals used are natural crystals therefore the normal care for crystals is required to ensure their long lasting colour, some crystals can be sensitive to strong daylight therefore when hanging a piece of art that incorporates crystals it is wise to keep it away from direct strong sunlight.