Resin Art- What is it?

Resin as a name has been used to nearly any liquid that will set to a hard lacquer or enamel like finish that results in a high gloss look.


Epoxy Resin has many uses in industry and it is only in recent years that an artist grade resin has been created that can withstand the normal discolouration of UV light ( resin tends to go yellow after a while when exposed to UV Light – make sure if you purchase a resin picture where the artist has used UV stable resin).

Resin historically has also been quite toxic when in liquid form, again the newer art resins have addressed this issue so that the artist is not exposed to this problem to such an extent although care still needs to be taken.  There are now a handful of suppliers that can offer this quality of resin however it is expensive which in turn is why art made with resin as a main component has a higher cost price due to this factor.

When creating art with resin there are a number of challenges, the resin is self leveling, which means that if you are creating a picture with colour pigments within the resin you do not have full control over the process, the picture will change over a period of about 5 hours while it dries to a sticky – non drip stage. During this process you need to ensure no dust or bugs or anything else drops onto your picture, once the picture is set these cannot be removed or hidden. While the picture is drying the next challenge is to remove the drips from the underside without disturbing the picture – if the drips are left it would be very difficult to frame a picture afterwards. Finally, while the picture is drying a heat source needs to be frequently applied to the picture which helps to remove air bubbles and dust from the surface.

Although you can choose the colours and have an idea what you would like to achieve, due to the nature of the materials used, every piece is unique and can never be re created. Even if you try to replicate a picture they will never be the same due to the creation process as described above. The addition of a few different chemicals to the resin also creates different effects.

The pictures are organic and abstract, created and guided by the artist but ultimately you never quite know what will develop. People see different things in the pictures, some see objects, people, animals, nature and for some its just pure colour. Due to the materials used, light is reflected to provide a depth of colour that many people think is actually glass. This is difficult to show in photographs. I always use artist quality UV stable resin.  High quality artist pigments for the colour and primarily an aluminium base for stability as this provides the reflective light that helps bring the pictures to life!